Medicaid Planning

Medicaid Planning: Helping Individuals Preserve Their Assets

Are you or someone you love facing a $4,000 or $5,000 monthly nursing home bill? Are you afraid you will have to give up your assets in order to get the medical care you need? You have options and a certified elder law attorney* can help.

From his office in Williamsburg, lawyer Paul S. Ward has been helping people obtain the Medicaid coverage they deserve for over two decades. Don’t wait to get the long-term care you need. Call today.

Transitioning to a Nursing Home or Care Facility

If you are on the way to a nursing home after being in the hospital or a rehab facility, you may have serious financial concerns. If you have been denied coverage of your medical expenses from Medicaid, we can help. Whether you are looking for short- or long-term care, you can take action today.

Know the Laws, Protect Your Assets

Medicaid is a means-tested entitlement program. Sometimes faced with monthly medical expenses in excess of five thousand dollars, people are concerned that they will have to give up their assets in order to get the help they need. If you are married and your spouse needs nursing home care, complex federal laws protect your rights to keep your income and assets. Paul S. Ward can help you protect your income and your assets.

Nursing Home Coverage

Medicare and health insurance provide very limited coverage for nursing home care. Many adults may qualify for Medicaid to pay for this care. Paul S. Ward can help you or someone you love qualify for Medicaid benefits while protecting your rights.

The sooner you start planning for Medicaid care, the easier your transition into a nursing home will be. However, if you need immediate help, you have options. Attorney Paul S. Ward can help you explore those options so you get the long-term care you deserve.