Offer in Compromise

Settle Your Tax Debt For Less Than You Owe Through An Offer In Compromise

Do you owe the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) or the Virginia Department of Taxation more money than you can afford to pay? You need an experienced attorney and CPA who can protect your rights and negotiate the best possible terms for you. You may qualify for relief through the IRS Offer in Compromise program. From his office in Williamsburg, attorney Paul S. Ward has been helping people resolve their state and federal tax disputes and for over two decades. He can also help if you are facing an IRS Tax Audit.

Get Help From a Tax Lawyer Who Is Also a CPA

Whether you have tax debt owed to the state of Virginia or to the IRS, you want a lawyer who will help resolve your tax debt as soon as possible. Not only is Paul S. Ward an experienced tax attorney, he is a certified public accountant (CPA) as well. He understands the challenges that come with tax debt. He can help resolve your tax dispute with the IRS, as well as help you with your future tax planning.

What is an Offer in Compromise?

If you owe the IRS more money than you can afford to pay, attorney Paul S. Ward can prepare an offer in compromise for the IRS to consider. An offer in compromise is a settlement offer based on the understanding that you will never be able to pay off your tax debt in full. If you are able to convince the IRS that you cannot pay in full, they may accept a lesser amount.

Most often, people make one bulk payment to the IRS and then they are free from their previous tax debt. You can also work with the IRS to develop a payment plan. Not every person is a good candidate for an offer in compromise, but Paul S. Ward can help you understand your options.

Dealing With Audits, Liens and Levies

Have you been audited by the IRS? Have they started to garnish your wages or started taking money directly out of your bank account? Have they obtained a judgment against you and placed a lien against your home? By reaching a settlement with the IRS and paying off your tax debt, you could eliminate all tax debt as well as the liens, levies and other collection actions that have been waged against you. As long as you file your taxes for the next five years, you are clean.

Don’t Wait Another Day to Get the Help You Need

If you are tired of living with your tax debt, it is time to take action today. From his offices in Williamsburg, experienced attorney and certified public accountant Paul S. Ward can help you solve your tax dispute today.